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Did you make your Will with Howlett Clarke, Speakman & Co Solicitors or Blunts Solicitors?

There’s absolutely nothing to worry about please get in touch with us here at Right Legal Group. Howlett Clarke, Speakman & Co Solicitors and Blunts Solicitors are no longer in business and so we have taken over the care of your Will and we’ve got some really important information for you.

We have several advisors in your local area who can meet with you to discuss your Will and any questions you might have so please do get in touch with us:

Howlett Clarke customers Please call Duane Denham on 01332 321 596.

Speakman & Co Solicitors customers Please call Andrew Carson on 01332 321 572.

Blunts Solicitors customers Please call Andrew Carson on 01332 321 572.

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Business Intelligence Analyst

Reporting to

Operations Director

Purpose of Business Intelligence:

Business Intelligence (BI) within RLG brings together and generates a single source of data truth within all operational teams i.e. CET, Simpsons, Partner Ops, Probate etc. allowing a ‘data is King’ culture. The BI function provides independent and consistent real time/ad hoc data analytics, enabling evidence based reporting suites and independently identifies solutions to allow improved operational performance, maximising opportunities, driving profit per client and efficiencies to increase overall revenue and/or growth.

Purpose of the Job:

To further our data collection, analysis and usage practices to drive a ‘data is King’ culture by creating new reporting policies, procedures and programmes for internal and external use. This will enable all Operational areas of RLG streamline decisions to maximise all elements of the RightWill model through Operational performance, creating efficiencies and profit per client within the core concept. Responsible for processing multiple data types across all Operations, including Sales, creating data driven reports and solution inspiration for leadership.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop and manage end-to-end client journey Operational BI solutions through a ‘data is King’ culture aligned to the core purpose, central concept and cultural values
  • Create a single source of data truth within all Operational teams and drive culture of using evidenced based solutions
  • Responsible for maintaining and completing manual to automated reporting (pre full CRM)
  • Collaborate with all Operational departments to provide real time/ad hoc data analytics
  • Responsible for agreeing Companywide Operational data definitions
  • Analyse business processes, requirements and provide solution based recommendations through data and trend analysis
  • Create and maintain BI documentation including requirements, design, data dictionaries and user manuals
  • Integration of all data through smart use of technology with consistent reporting formats
  • Identify opportunities to improve processes, strategies and streamline operations, particularly with the use of technology
  • Effective and 100% usage of internal CRM, Concerto is measured and maintained
  • CRM (Concerto) reporting subject matter expert improving software design and development, testing and rollout through client centric design

Key Competencies

  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Ability to create, maintain and interpret reporting, identifying trends and creating real-world business solutions
  • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills
  • Self-motivated
  • Excellent organisational skills
  • Effective listening and communication skills both written and oral
  • Minimum intermediate user of MS packages, specifically Excel
    • Knowledge of PowerBI, VBA and SQL desirable.
  • Proven time management & ability to work accurately within tight deadlines on multiple projects
  • Ability to work successfully as part of a team to create innovative business results
  • Experience of successfully working with internal/external stakeholders at all levels
  • Ability to work under pressure and own initiative
  • Change management experience
  • Detailed internal CRM (Concerto) knowledge desirable