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Did you make your Will with Howlett Clarke, Speakman & Co Solicitors or Blunts Solicitors?

There’s absolutely nothing to worry about please get in touch with us here at Right Legal Group. Howlett Clarke, Speakman & Co Solicitors and Blunts Solicitors are no longer in business and so we have taken over the care of your Will and we’ve got some really important information for you.

We have several advisors in your local area who can meet with you to discuss your Will and any questions you might have so please do get in touch with us:

Howlett Clarke customers Please call Duane Denham on 01332 321 596.

Speakman & Co Solicitors customers Please call Andrew Carson on 01332 321 572.

Blunts Solicitors customers Please call Andrew Carson on 01332 321 572.

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Quality Assurance Executive

Purpose of the role

The Quality Assurance Executive will be responsible for ensuring efficient and compliant processes are followed to ensure consistent accurate output. An auditing programme will be undertaken which will assess the work of the DCT and DMT to identify any corrective actions or areas for improvement, along with capturing training needs and supporting the teams.

The QAE will need to maintain audit records in order to assess trends and long term performance and will be required to work with Team Leaders and Management to recommend ways to increase accuracy and efficiencies across the department.

Quality Assurance Executive Responsibilities

  • Creation and rollout of the quality assurance process.
  • Effective communication with stakeholders in the business.
  • Identify training requirements and assist in the implementation of key criteria for the training.
  • Support the team leaders in identifying performance development needs.
  • Raise awareness of process deficiencies and suggest efficiencies to the team leader.
  • Maintenance of audit records to highlight performance trends and support findings for long terms performance management.

Key Skills

  • Excellent attention to detail.
  • Excellent computer literacy (including office software).
  • Strong communication skills both written and verbal.
  • Confidence in communicating with all stakeholders.
  • Alignment with our cultural values.
  • Strong understanding of Concerto.
  • Clear understanding of DCT processes and impacts to the business.